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Paintings and Exhibition Catalogue

SCREEN Series         


A solo exhibition of paintings based on the cinema, the values of celluloid film technology and Glorious Technicolor, transparency, colour saturation, transparency, light and shadow.  Rugby Art Gallery & Museum,  29 June - 31 August 2013.  Supported by Arts Council England


The paintings in this series draw upon many different references to the screen. The notion of the screen is a fascinating one.  A screen can be used to hide or obscure.  It can be both a divider and a marker of space.  A screen can be a decorative element, such as the traditional three panel screens found in Japan, or can be projected upon, such as a cinema screen.


"The idea of the screen in terms of the marking and dividing of space, the layering or projection of images and the obscuring of detail, relates to Pip's work in many ways.


The most significant references are a fusion of Pip's previous research into Japanese culture, specifically that of looking at kimonos and katagami stencils, and secondly that of traditional film technology, in particular acknowledging what Pip feels to be a golden age of film: 'Glorious Technicolor', Todd-AO and Panavision."

Jessica Litherland


Exhibition catalogue (download PDF here)

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