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Paintings and Book

SHIBUSA (Katagami) Series         


The Shibusa series are oil paintings derived from research in Kyoto in 2011 as part of a Leverhulme Trust Award Artist in Residence project within the Music Department of the University of Huddersfield and collaboration with composer Professor Monty Adkins. 

The paintings (oil on canvas) draw upon colour, pattern, rhythm and vibration, associated with kimono fabrics and katagami stencils, and frequently juxtapose these with quieter, understated greys, shadows and subtle interplays of light.


These extractive works observe distinctions within Japanese visual culture - sometimes celebratory, playful and exuberant, at other times subtle, introspective and reflective.


The works are produced using bespoke tools, combs and 'dysfunctional' brushes to produce intriguing oscillating effects set against quieter, meditative, colour fields.


The KATAGAMI series are also based on Japanese research..


Related Information

These works exhibited as ‘Patterns of Shadows by Pip Dickens’ at The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation London in 2012.

Listen to Professor Monty Adkins resultant compositions based on this collaboration at audiobulb or visit Monty’s site.


Download free e-print of the book 'Shibusa - Extracting Beauty' here

Extracts from all Chapters of ‘Shibusa - Extracting Beauty’ can be read at my blog

Book launched March 2012:
Shibusa - Extracting Beauty
Edited by Monty Adkins and Pip Dickens
ISBN-13: 978-1-86218-101-4
Size: 280 x 210mm
Pages: 144
Number of images: 97
Images in colour: 89
published by University Huddersfield Press
Email enquiries to:

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