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between 2000-2012


Selected works were exhibited in the solo touring exhibition ‘Toward the Light by Pip Dickens’ (a Bradford Museums and Galleries exhibition supported by the Arts Council of England. Touring from 2010-2013. 


Selected pieces were exhibited in ‘Colour in Art’ at The Beldam Gallery,Brunel University, West London.

Selected pieces are published in the book ‘SHIBUSA - Extracting Beauty’ by Monty Adkins and Pip Dickens. ISBN  ISBN-13: 978-1-86218-101-4.

The painting 'Blue Caribbean Vibration' featured in an academic paper:

“Controlled moiré effect in multiview three-dimensional displays: image quality and image generation" by V. Saveljev and S.-K. Kim  published in the journal Optical Engineering, vol. 57, issue 6 and is  also cited in their online tutorial "Moiré effect in displays: a tutorial" by V. Saveljev, S.-K. Kim, and  J. Kim published in Optical Engineering, vol. 57, issue 3, p. 030803 (2018), doi: 10.1117/1.OE.57.3.030803.

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